viernes, 12 de enero de 2018


We are going to start working using a new system: cooperative learning!!

You are in groups and you have to work togheter in order to finish a concrete task. In this case you have to investigate about the Earth´s climates.

Firstly, remember this video we saw in class about Tropical climate:

Using the video as an example, choose a climate and make a presentation based on it. It is necessary to include the following information:
  • Where is this climate located?
  • Rain level.
  • Average anual temperature.
  • Curiosities.
  • Countries affected.
Remember to insert images!!! Let´s work!!!

In order to evaluate this project, I will use the next rubric!! Study it if you want to have a good mark!!

lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2017

Cities project!!

Here you have the rubric related with the evaluation of the new project you are involve to. Pay attention to the statements and do your best!!

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017


Córdoba was the most important city of Al-Andalus and there, a very important mosque was built .

Before studying this construction it is necessary to understand the scheme that was applied to the most of the mosques in the islamic world during the middle ages.

Resultado de imagen de mezquita de cordoba

Firstly, you have to learn about the most common scheme of an islamic mosque using the next link:

Write down in your notebook the different parts of a mosque and its functions (in English).

Finally, you could go to this other link - CORDOBA MOSQUE - and explore the building. Identify the different parts you have discovered on the first exercise.

lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017


Bueno, ya estamos a punto de poner en marcha nuestro proyecto de línea del tiempo bilingüe!!

Creo que es importante que sepáis qué aspectos del trabajo voy a tener en cuenta a la hora de poneros nota en este proyecto; lo podéis ver en la rúbrica que os dejo a continuación.

En adelante, la nota del examen valdrá un 80% para cada Unidad Didáctica, y la aportación a la línea del tiempo un 20%. Cuando os ponga nota grupal, debéis luego repartirla justamente entre los miembros del grupo.


A continuación se encuentra activado un enlace que nos llevará a una página con información y actividades sobre los volcanes. Lee toda la información para poder encontrar las respuestas al cuestionario final (debes pinchar donde pone "práctica" o acceder desde este enlace) y después intenta solucionar la sopa de letras. Para completar la última pregunta, busca mapas e información en Internet usando un buscador.

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017


We have just studied in the bilingual class different and interesting things about the relief of the Earth. You could watch the following videos to improve your knowledge...

domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017


Organised in groups, you are going to carry out a research on different country´s population.

You can choose any country in the world, but try to do a different kind of project...

In order to complete the research task, follow the steps below:

A. Research your chosen country:
  • Find out about its population density, main characteristics, historical events, ethnic and cultural diversity and find pictures that will emphasise the character of the country. Save the information on your pendrive.
B. Look for the population pyramid of your chosen country in the next link:
C. Analyse the population pyramid:
  • Look at the shape of the pyramid, comment it and identify intervals that look irregular because they may indicate a particular event in the country´s history.
D. Collect the information you have obtained, a photo of the pyramid and the pictures you have selected and create a power point presentation. When you finish you have to upload your work on SLIDESHARE.

In the next images you could see two rubrics I am going to use in order to evaluate your projects.

Con esta evaluaré el trabajo en grupo. La nota supondrá un 70% al final.

Con esta evaluaré vuestra exposición oral de forma individual y supondrá un 15%
La nota se completará rellenando cuestionarios de autoevaluación (5%) y coevaluación (10%).

Have a nice job!!